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The University is open despite the Finland-wide demonstration

Text by Teppo Nieminen & Translation by Camilla Kiviaho

 Despite the nationwide demonstration in Finland, the University of Tampere will host lectures as normal on Friday 18 September. According to Director of Study Services Mikko Markkola, the University will not stop its personnel from leaving for the demonstrations in Helsinki, but is thus far not aware of anyone planning to go.

“If some lectures have to be cancelled, we will inform students of this through the Intranet”, Markkola states.

The University’s libraries will be open as normal.

Visitors to the University’s restaurants may experience some minor service interruptions due to the demonstration. Juvenes University Restaurant, Café Alakuppila, Intro, Fusion and Rohee Xtra on the main campus and the Medica restaurants on Kauppi campus will be open, but the temporary shortage of staff and interruptions in goods deliveries may affect the lunch selection and opening hours. Minerva and Linna restaurants will be open as normal.

Juvenes Café & Lunch Pinni, Café Campus and University Restaurant’s Salad Bar, in turn, will be closed all day on Friday.

Tamy’s Office will also be closed on Friday. However, this is not due to the demonstration but to a training day of the staff. Despite of the training day, Tamy’s staff may participate in the demonstration if they wish, but will do so on their own time without getting paid.

The demonstration held on Friday 18 against the cuts proposed by the Finnish government of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä will close several shops for one day. The day will also cause disruption to public transport, including train, bus and air travel. Tampere City Transport (TKL), for example, announced on Wednesday that most of its bus lines will not run on Friday.


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