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Tamy’s Representative Elections: Viva maintains its position as the largest council group

Aino Heikkonen
Tamy’s Election Night for the Representative Elections was held in Alakuppila café in the University’s Main Building.

Text: Aino Heikkonen
Translation: Camilla Kiviaho

The largest group in Tamy’s Council of Representatives in the coming term of office will again be the Green Left in the University of Tampere (Viva) with seven seats. Thus, Viva maintains its position as the dominant council group. The next largest groups are the Green List and BiTeS (The Alliance of Biotechnology / Psychology / Health Science and Medical Students), which both managed to reach six seats in the council.

Compared to the previous elections in 2013, the big winners in this year’s elections are Hallintotieteiden liitto (Halli) and the Green List, both of which at least double their seats in the council. Following the elections, Halli increased their number of representatives from three to five, and the Green List from three to six.

The most popular individual candidate in this year’s elections was the Green List candidate Iiris Suomela with 71 votes. Just behind her comes Pro Educationists’ Kaisa Partanen with 70 votes.

Of the current council groups that were again running for election, Keskeiset and Social democratic students lost all their seats. In addition, the new protest groups Teuvo Hakkarainen Appreciation Society and Nekala-Jerusalem Friendship Association were also left outside the council.

The preliminary results of the Representative Elections were announced on Wednesday night by seven o’clock. The final results were confirmed on Thursday afternoon, with the recount producing no changes. The voter turnout percentage was 28.79 per cent.

Tension on the election night was created by a complaint made by Mikael Muurinen, a candidate of Teuvo Hakkarainen Appreciation Society, about the error detected in the electronic voting system. Still on Tuesday afternoon, the system erroneously showed that Social democratic students and the Student Pirates in Tampere would belong to the electoral circle named “Tamy is utter garbage and you shouldn’t have to pay a dime to it”. However, the complaint was rejected in the Central Election Committee’s meeting on Wednesday.

The official polling days for Tamy’s Representative Elections were held on Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 November. The voting was conducted electronically.

The election results are available on Tamy’s website.


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