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”Hervanta taught me to appreciate human diversity”

Aino Heikkonen


Always try to understand new people and things. Forgive yourself and others. These two guiding principles perhaps best describe Tamy’s new Secretary General, Sanni Pietilä, a philanthropist at heart.

The Secretary General needs to have good people skills. Volunteering at reception centres as well as in Tanzania and India has certainly played a role in Pietilä’s experience of working with different types of people. Nevertheless, Tampere took centre stage in the development of her social skills.

”I hail from Hervanta. I used to be a volunteer at some of the neighbourhood’s multicultural clubs, societies and whatnot. Hervanta taught me to appreciate human diversity.”

Eventually, Pietilä moved to the city centre to study at the secondary school Tampereen yhteiskoulun lukio. After graduation, she continued on to major in history at the university. Fresh out of school, history studies were actually not on her top priority list.

”I did apply to study history, but my intention was to take a year off after school and travel around Latin America.”

”Students are automatic members of Tamy. We therefore have a duty to listen to the thoughts and ideas of each and every student.”

Life had other plans for her. Pietilä takes a trip down memory lane and looks back at her first year at the university.

”It was such a long time ago! I remember that my fellow colleagues and I had a great team spirit. The greatest thing was Patina, the student organization for history students. I was involved in their activities for many years”, she says.

During her studies, Pietilä worked at Tamy and as chair at Patina. However, she felt majoring in history would not be her best asset in the job market. Later on, she had a change of heart. She now says her university studies helped her train critical thinking and see the big picture.

In an answer to a question about the student movement, Pietilä points out that it is not a coherent movement. Each group and each party has a different opinion on what matters. Pietilä thinks the movement is an important part of education politics and fertile ground for active citizenship. However, one concern emerged in her time as a member of Tamy’s board.

”I find it tragic that leading figures in the student movement, such as SYL, are elected behind closed doors at the cost of transparency.”

Pietilä has been acting as Secretary General since February. Her responsibilities include taking care of daily routines and financial and administrative issues. After the election of new board members, one of her duties now is to make sure that everyone is kept up-to-date about long-term development processes.

Pietilä welcomes everyone to help improve Tamy’s work.

”Students are automatic members of Tamy. We therefore have a duty to listen to the thoughts and ideas of each and every student.”



27 years, Master of Arts, Tamy’s new Secretary General

Positions of trust in various organizations, such as Patina and Tamy’s board. Previously worked as Tamy’s Specialist in International Affairs and in the development cooperation organization The International Solidarity Foundation.

Enjoys watching biathlon. History of hobbies include African dance, weight training and jogging.




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