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Automatic Tamy membership no longer required of exchange students




Automatic membership of the Student Union of the University of Tampere will no longer be required of exchange students in the autumn. It will therefore not be necessary for exchange students to join the Student Union for their exchange period. This change is due to an interpretation of the Universities Act.

Under the Universities Act, all university students, either in a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme, are members of a student union. The law specifies that students in made-to-order education are not student union members. The subsection about membership of a student union does not refer to exchange students at all.

“Nationwide, the definition has been interpreted as not inclusive of those who have been admitted to a university degree programme in a university outside Finland”, says Tamy’s Specialist in International Affairs Varpu Jutila.

In Finnish student unions, membership is usually voluntary for exchange students.

Out of Tamy’s 11,000 members, a yearly total of 400–500 have been exchange students.

“Tamy will continue to accept exchange students as members and we will recommend joining for the services and supervision of interests”, Jutila says.

As automatic membership will be removed, benefits will be marketed to new exchange students with a leaflet. The leaflet contains information about membership advantages, such as the services of the Finnish Student Health Service FSHS, and the discounts and benefits students are entitled to with their student card.


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