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”I started at horse race betting counters, now I’m in my dream job.”

Jenna Keto-Tokoi

JENNA KETO-TOKOI text and photo ILONA RYTILAHTI translation

A sunny smile and an infectious laughter are Anni Ojanperä’s two most distinct characteristics. Ojanperä recently started as the Executive Manager of Opiskelijan Tampere. Her work experience is vast, which is undoubtedly reflected in her customer service skills. She seems like the type of person who gets along with everyone.

“I started my career at horse race betting counters. After that job, I moved on to customer service in shops and banks, for example. I then worked in international marketing and business to business sales.”

This work experience provided her with the skills to work with different people and the ability to listen, talk and get by in challenging situations. To her, being able to cope with insecurity and keep many balls in the air are especially important skills.

Ojanperä has spent time in and out of Finland looking for her own path. In secondary school, she went to the United States for a one-year exchange. Later in the university, she left for France with rudimentary language skills. She could easily study in English and her French improved along the way, too. At the end of her year in France, she could converse about social issues in French.

Her student years have had great significance, which is one reason why her new position at Opiskelijan Tampere is a dream come true for her.

“My days as a student have given me so much, and student life therefore has a place in my heart. Opiskelijan Tampere has a clear mission to make Tampere the most student-friendly city in Finland. I’m more than happy to promote this idea.”

Ojanperä emphasizes the importance of cooperation and common goals. She hopes that organizations and students would have opportunities to engage in more diverse conversations.

Her most significant learning experience was her job at Oxford Brookes as the university marketing designer.

“At Oxford, I realized I have a natural flair and interest in marketing. Besides the business management studies, my history of experience add to my know-how.”

She says her father has guided her towards the field.

“Dad’s worked in management and he’s been my role model from an early age. Opiskelijan Tampere is the best school you can get. And luckily, I got this chance to advocate issues of personal importance.”


Anni Ojanperä

26-year-old business student at the University of Tampere. Writing her Master’s thesis on digital marketing.

Majors in business management with minors in accounting and in journalism and communication.

Started as the Executive Manager of Opiskelijan Tampere in mid-March. Responsible for the organization’s total strategy, staff and economy.


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