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University of Tampere to gather all study information into one website

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Information about studying has been scattered and the situation will be rectified by gathering all relevant information into a guide to studying website. The new guide will also be mobile-friendly.

Aino Heikkonen, text
Jatta Vuorinen, translation

University of Tampere is clarifying their web pages containing information about studying. Information currently on the web pages of degree programmes, faculties and studying in general will be gathered into one compact guide to studying website. In the future, information about studying will be featured only on this website.

The plans for the guide begun already in 2015 as part of a bigger University’s website rearrangement. When the new website in launched, the current degree programmes’, master’s programmes’ and faculties’ web pages containing information about studying will be taken down. Consequently, for example the faculties will only be briefly introduced on their own web pages.

Information on practical matters, such as planning one’s studies, exams, teaching periods and enrolment will be featured on the new website. In addition, the website will hold information about academic counselling, internships and studying abroad, and electronic services. Information about decision-making at the University and the student’s role in it are also explained on the new website.

The reason behind concentrating the information is the feedback that the University has received on how complicated and unstructured the current website is. The reorganization’s unfinished state adds to the incoherence: information on studying still appears on the old website template although part of the University website has already been reorganized.

Students have been involved in planning the new website.

”Content related workshops were arranged for students which were used to plan the contents of the University’s web services”, says web service designer Aino Nyman from the University of Tampere Study Services.

According to Nyman, students have had the opportunity to test the service this spring and feedback on its structure and the clarity of headlines has been collected.

One development point is more mobile-friendly and responsive web design. This should guarantee easy smartphone usage.

The guide to studying in meant to be launched in August.


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