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WTF? Why are there thousands of K-Markets in Tammela?

PETRA VIITANEN, text and photo

HENNA SILLANPÄÄ, translation


SEVERAL K-MARKETS are located in the city centre, but the district of Tammela in particular may cause confusion in passers-by. There are four K-Markets within a 300-metre radius: Mestari, Vellamonkatu, Kattimatti and Kullervonkatu. And less than a kilometre away, there is a K-Market in the Tullintori shopping centre and the railway station. Couldn’t we manage with fewer?


Kesko corporation’s District Director of Western Finland Jari Alanen – why are there so many K-Markets in Tammela?

Kesko bought the retail chain Suomen Lähikauppa in 2016 and their shops, Siwas and Valintatalos, were transformed into K-Markets. The two Siwas in Tammela became K-Markets along with the transaction.


Are there any differences between the shops?

Soon, we’re just waiting for a retailer to start at the fourth shop as well. All of the shops are run by entrepreneurs who build their offering to fit their customer base. Even though the shops are close to each other, they all have somewhat different customer bases. They also offer different services, such as Posti’s postal services or Matkahuolto’s parcel services. And, of course, the liquor shop Alko is connected to one of the K-Markets.


Do you have any plans for the shops?

They will remain where they are and serve customers for now.


Wouldn’t it be better to spread shops all around the city instead of concentrating them in one area?

Well, sure. But in a way, there was nothing we could do about it. When Kesko bought the chain, the Siwa-shops came with it. But we’re fine with it because we have good business there. We also set up some new K-Markets in the centre at the same time.


Are you planning on setting up one big K-Market in the city centre?

Well, there is one quite big K-Supermarket there and another one will be set up in Ratina. We’re working hard to set up more shops that focus on local services in the city centre.


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